Alles valt of staat met een goede voorbereiding. Daarom biedt WOLF-Garten u veel praktische gereedschappen die ervoor zorgen dat in uw tuin later mooie bloemen bloeien en er veel te oogsten is. En voor de winterperiode hebben we ook passend gereedschap. Kies nu uw basispakket!

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Handy and powerful
Pruning twigs is also hard work. Save yourself the work and use electric or cordless shrub shears from WOLF-Garten. The ergonomic handle is gentle on your wrists as you work and allows precise cutting at any time.
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Full of power, sustainable and state-of-the-art: the brand new LYCOS 40V battery system from WOLF-Garten! The battery-powered garden tool range is on a par with comparable petrol tools in terms of performance and endurance. And that's not all: thanks to battery power, the LYCOS 40V system is particularly environmentally friendly. It is also pleasantly quiet during operation and extremely durable thanks to high-quality components. The batteries can be recharged in no time – the fastest in its class.