Product info

Model LOOPO M2000
EAN-Code 4008423883428
Model no. 22BCFAEA650
Running time (min) 60–70 min
Charging time (min) 70–90 min
Battery type Lithium Iron Phosphate 26 V / 3 Ah (LiFePO4)
Maximum Area 2000m2*
Mowing area 1200m2
Area coverage per hour 75 m²/h
Maximum incline 36 % / 20°
Cutting width 28 cm
Cutting height 15–60 mm
Power Consumption 18 kWh/month
Included in delivery Base station with power supply, 250 m perimeter wire, 300 pegs, cable connector
Weight net (kg)
Sales unit

*Under ideal mowing conditions: flat lawn, simple rectangular area, no obstacles, no additional zones and moderately growing lawn.