La base migliore per il vostro giardino ornamentale

La preparazione è tutto! Pertanto WOLF-Garten propone molti pratici utensili, affinché il vostro giardino fiorisca rigogliosamente e il raccolto sia abbondante. E anche quando nevica, c'è anche l’attrezzo giusto. Scegliete ora il vostro equipaggiamento!

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Il tuo assistente personale per la lavorazione del terreno
You usually have to laboriously dig with your hands to set up a large vegetable patch or to loosen up the area for a future lawn. That is, unless you use a WOLF-Garten cultivator. Its electric motor makes the required soil tillage just as easy as mowing the lawn
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Scavare con facilità
For all the motorisation that is available nowadays - you still need good old spades and shovels. But of course, the solid and comfortable versions from WOLF-Garten. Whether you need to dig heavy clay soils or use the prongs for good aeration - you can find the right tool for the job here.
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Piccoli aiutanti per il tuo giardino
The small tools from WOLF-Garten are sized correctly so that you can work properly with pot plants and small flowerbeds. Everything from the trowel to the pointer to the weeding trowel - you can easily do a great deal of garden work with these solid tools.
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Raccogli le foglie senza sforzi
After the first storms of autumn, the leaves fall from the trees in large quantities. That is at the very latest the time to free gardens and paths of fallen leaves. This can be done quickly and effortlessly with the light yet powerful WOLF-Garten leaf blowers. Choose between a model with a power cord or a replaceable power pack.
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Basta con le mosche!
I resti di insetti attaccati ai lucernari, ai vetri dell'auto o del caravan non sono solo fastidiosi, ma ostacolano anche la vista. Con il pulitore di moscerini WOLF-Garten provvederete rapidamente a fornire di nuovo una visuale libera. Grazie alla chiusura a velcro, il tampone di pulizia è facilmente sostituibile, il serbatoio d'acqua integrato contiene più di 150 ml.
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Il tuo Team di pulizia per la neve
You need strong helpers if there has been a lot of snow. It is better if you can do the clearing with motor power instead of muscle power. WOLF-Garten offers you four powerful snow throwers: from the powerful entry-level model up to the high-power version for larger amounts of snow.
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Clearing snow made easy
The best way to deal with large amounts of snow is with a snow tub from WOLF-Garten. You will be finished quickly thanks to the two rollers on the underside and the large working width. The fully folding handle allows you to conveniently transport the light and solid snow tub and store it while taking up a minimum of space.
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Proteggi le tue mani mentre lavori
Now and again you have to dig into the earth in your garden using your hands. But you do not need to get your hands dirty. A pair of garden gloves from WOLF-Garten keeps everything clean and safe. Choose from the various versions for different requirements.

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