Un click - infinite possibilità

multi-star® – il principio è tanto semplice quanto geniale: Con un equipaggiamento di base di aste di diverse lunghezze di lavoro, potrete collegare oltre 70 diverse teste degli attrezzi con un “click”. Scegliete ora i pezzi adatti per i vostri scopi.

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Il miglior sistema per la cura del prato
The multi-star® modular garden tool system from WOLF-Garten also offers you a number of attachments that you can use to look after your lawn For example, lawn edging irons, lawn rakes and scarifiers. Simply choose the corresponding device, attach it, and off you go. It just takes one "click".
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Via con le foglie!
The multi-star® tools from WOLF-Garten can also be a big help to you in the autumn. Because these rakes do not just sweep well when they are new. Their tines remain in shape, because they are made of flexible, hardened spring steel. The range covers everything from small rakes for small and narrow flowerbeds up to the universal adjustable rake.
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Potatura sicura senza scala
Combine the intelligent multi-star® system with the superlative cutting tools and saws from WOLF-Garten. Here you already have the perfect system to harvest fruit in your own garden, to work in the treetops in a way that is safe for you and kind to the trees, and to cut off branches.
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Prepara il terreno per il tuo giardino da sogno
Regardless of the type of soil that your garden has, it must be cultivated at the right times so that you can enjoy your garden. Avoid tedious bending and a bent back - the wide range of attachments and handles from the multi-star® system make soil tillage very easy.
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Pulisci la tua casa e il tuo cortile
WOLF-Garten offers you useful tools for other important areas as well: The multi-star® system has exactly the tool heads that you need for sweeping, scrubbing and window cleaning. Winter dirt, cobwebs and smeared windows can be dealt with at once - so that you can enjoy the springtime sun.
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Un potente aiuto per l'inverno
When the winter comes, it not only brings a white coat but also, unfortunately, something no to get excited about: e.g. iced-up windscreens, sheets of ice on the driveway, piles of snow on the footpaths. You can start the coldest season of the year with no worries thanks to the intelligent multi-star® solutions for the winter.
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Guanti per tutte le taglia e usi
WOLF-Garten has something for tedious bending and aching backs: the high-quality multi-star® handles. This is your entry into the modular garden device system with more than 70 multi-star® attachments for house, yard and garden. It only takes one "click" to attach the tool that you need at that moment. It just could not be easier, or smarter.
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Ordine e organizzazione!
WOLF-Garten has thought through its system to the very end: Simply use the tool holder for your multi-star® tools. Over a width of 80 cm with movable holders - you can have everything to hand that you need in the garden. It is as easy as that to bring order to your home!
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Piccoli ma ottimi!
With some kinds of garden work, small tools are more practical than the large standard tools. And that is the reason why the modular multi-star® system from WOLF-Garten is also available in mini-format. This means that you can also look after those small favourite places in your garden without taking up much space.

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