Power CUT SAW PRO 370

EAN: 4008423867435
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Length 37 cm
Handle ZM-V 3 / ZM-V 4
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  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Built-in multi-star® adapter for quick and easy attachment to the Vario handle
  • Built-in safety sleeve prevents accidental opening of the connection when working in trees
  • Curved saw blade for effortless, effective sawing without transferring bacteria
  • Powerful push and pull cutting teeth
  • MaxControl: Round détente stop at the front and rear part of the handle for safe and secure handling
  • Reusable blade cover
  • Safe working at heights of up to 5.50 m with the Vario handle
  • Saw with built-in branch hook and bark scorer
  • Cannot be combined with ZMi 12 and ZMi 15

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