multi-star® rake from WOLF-Garten

Away with the leaves!

The multi-star® tools from WOLF-Garten can also be a big help to you in the autumn. Because these rakes do not just sweep well when they are new. Their tines remain in shape, because they are made of flexible, hardened spring steel. The range covers everything from small rakes for small and narrow flowerbeds up to the universal adjustable rake.

The versatile multi-star® system

Able to cope with any challenge

Combine more than 70 different attachments with eight different handle types that have been developed for various applications.

The multi-star® system offers suitable attachments for all garden, pond and cleaning work and will impress you with its many advantages:

  • Quick and easy changing of the tool heads with just a "click" without lengthy screwing in.
  • All the attachments can be combined with all the handles (one handle for all kinds of work).
  • Handles in various lengths to suit your body size for ergonomic work without straining your back.
  • Extendible handles allow safe working at height without ladders.
  • The tools are especially robust and cope with even the most extreme soil and working conditions.
  • The special coating makes them especially long-lasting and resistant to weathering.

multi-star® wants to help your back

Most people have a problem with their backs. That serves as a reminder of important good posture is. Help your back by using the different handle lengths of our multi-star® system to allow you to remain upright and relaxed during garden work. Our soil tilling tools are oriented towards a special precision working angle so that you can work in the garden with less effort and with a consistent working depth.

You can rely on this quality

The multi-star® tool system is "Made in Germany". We give our promise of quality regarding high-quality materials, excellent workmanship, innovative functionality and design combined with the WOLF-Garten claim to quality. We stand behind this not only with our name, but also with a 10 year warranty. It is valid for all multi-star® tools, multi-star® Minis, multi-star® attachments for tree maintenance without ladders, small tools and manual shears (except for wearing parts).


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