Seeds & fertilisers from WOLF-Garten

Dream lawns made easy!

Whether you are laying out a new lawn, renovating one or caring for one - WOLF-Garten offers you a full range and complete competence across the board in seeds and fertilisers. Here you can find exactly the right product for your needs so that your lawn is permanently dense, green and resistant.

Germination guarantee

Our grass mixtures are of such high quality that on the German market we can give an exclusive GERMINATION GUARANTEE for labeled products. We guantee that our seed germinates within 6 weeks. Of course we replase the seed*, if the desired germination result is not achieved despite of following the sowing and care instruction


Accelerates germination, facilitates early usage of the lawn and simplifies maintenance.


Improves the resilience of the lawn, making it more resistant to extreme weather conditions such as heat, strong rain and cold, while optimising the nutrient intake.


Strengthens the resistance against parasites and fungal diseases.

Lawn renewal

Lawn regeneration

Lawn care


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Schneefräse SF 53

Schneefräse SF 53