EXPERT snow throwers from WOLF-Garten

A new level of efficiency

The three-stage snow thrower from the EXPERT range is a real revolution in clearing snow. Thanks to its innovative mode of functioning, this makes the clearing of snow even easier. And that can be seen: 25% more clearing capacity and 30% faster than conventional snow throwers speaks for itself. Just take a look at this video.

The first stage

When developing the new, three-stage snow thrower we completely rethought the system of the two-stage units and optimised them precisely. X-shaped augers are fitted to the left and the right in the collecting housing. These convey the snow to the middle - to the second stage.

The second stage

The second stage consists of two toothed augers that press the snow into the rear area of the collecting housing. Compacted snow and frozen snow are no problem for this effective technology. The second stage is in the very middle of the collecting housing that has likewise been optimised.

The third stage

The third stage is a fast-turning turbine wheel. This ejects the snow in a high arc.



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Schneefräse SF 53

Schneefräse SF 53