BS 140 eM e-multi-star™ BATTERY STICK

The innovative e-multi-star™ system combines the practical concept of the interchangeable attachments from the multi-star range with powerful battery-powered tools, offering you convenience and flexibility when gardening. In this handle, the rechargeable battery is directly integrated and thus operates the rechargeable attachments of the constantly growing range. The charging time is approximately 85 minutes to provide full power again (with the charging current of 2.5 Ah). With a weight of only 1.0 kilograms, the handle fits comfortably in your hand. Particularly useful: the connection between attachment and handle is also compatible with many classic attachments from the multi-star series, so you can easily switch between an electric and manual attachment with the click of a button.

Product info

Model BS 140 eM
EAN-Code 4008423922424
Model no. 72AMB1-1650
Description Lightweight, convenient handle with integrated 18V battery pack
Voltage 18V (5 cell arrangement)
Battery 2,5 Ah / 45 Wh
Charging time (min) 85 min
Weight net (kg) 1,0 kg


  • Part of the battery-powered e-multi-star™ system
  • Lightweight work handle and grip with 18V, 2.5Ah battery in handle
  • Can be combined with all e-multi-star™ attachments, e.g. trimmer, hedge trimmer, brush (each sold separately)
  • Easy handling when working due to battery power
  • Can also be used with many manual multi-star® attachments (each sold separately)
  • Can be equipped with an additional D-handle for even more comfortable work (sold separately)