Creating a good-looking, dense, deep green lawn is a science in itself. We will spare a course of study in "Creating a new lawn" by giving you here all the important information to that your dream lawn will succeed.

It is a question of the seed

Lawn seed is not always lawn seed. For example, WOLF-Garten Premium-Rasen premium lawn mix has 100,000 stalks per square metre, while cheap seeds have on average only 20,000. You can see at once why the lawn seed from the supermarket always looks so thin. And that even if you do all the mowing, scarification, fertilizing and watering. In addition, lawn plants chosen to grow high require significantly more work in mowing and disposing of the grass that do types that grow in width. In other words, Choose instead the high-quality seeds from WOLF-Garten. Your lawn will thank you for this.


You can create your new lawn so easily

1. Dig the ground

You can start with this in April. First of all, dig the garden by hand in the traditional way with the garden spade (ASP-E) and fork (AG-E) or with a motor tiller. Important: Let the ground rest for 2 or 3 weeks afterwards.

2. Breaking up and tilling

You can continue after it has rested for 2 or 3 weeks. Depending on the size of the lawn, you can do this work with the multi-star® tool attachments or with the practical WOLF-Garten cultivator with an electric motor. Ensure that the ground temperature is more than +10 °C.

3. Seeding, fertilizing and covering

You can achieve an even spreading of the seed with a WOLF-Garten Spreader cart or the Universal spreader (can also be used to spread materials on snow and ice in winter). You can also use these to optimally distribute the lawn starter fertilizer. After sowing and fertilizing, loosely cover the seed with peat to prevent the birds from eating the seeds and then water.

4. Water regularly

The germination and growth of the lawn seed may not be interrupted under any circumstances by drying out, and especially in the first three weeks after seeding. Water daily without turning it into mud. Useful: WOLF-Garten hose reel trolley in two versions.

5. First step

When the stalks are 8 to 10 cm high, you should shorten them to around 5 cm. You can find suitablelawnmowers and hand grass shears in profusion at WOLF-Garten. Simply choose the tool that is ideal for the job.