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09.09.2016 12:58 Age: 5 yrs

MTD Products AG introduces its latest to the trade

Informing and testing: for two days the most recent developments were put through thorough testing

Willingen. MTD Products AG gave out invitations – and many came. More than 300 dealers met up in Willingen in the Sauerland on 25th and 26th August 2016 so that they could take a closer look at the Cub Cadet and WOLF-Garten brands carried by MTD Products AG. After the words of welcome, also including a video message from chairman of the board, Robert T. Moll, it was time for the experts to get to work. The first day was devoted to information. All the new items in both brands were introduced in detail in presentations. The latest innovations cover a very wide range, starting with a newly developed lawn tractor for the trade, an ranging to a 100%-plant-based organic lawn fertiliser. In this way dealers also learnt about the extension of the powerful 72 V LI-ION power pack series to yet more garden tools and a new professional zero-turn ride-on mower from Cub Cadet. Those were just a couple of samples of products that are coming to the market in 2017.

Knowing what it is about

"When it comes to quality, innovation and customer preferences we will offer new items for next year that really deserve to be seen. We can present developments that not only strengthen our position as one of the biggest motorised garden tool manufacturers in the world, but will also reinforce in particular the market position of dealers", says Udo Janetzki, the interim CEO of MTD Products AG. There was a very positive atmosphere at the dealer meeting, which was most obvious after the presentations when the new items could be examined directly. In addition to the presentation of new garden tools, a number of additional changes were announced. A new system of terms and conditions and the Premium Partner Program were introduced. The expansion of support for dealers was just as much a topic as improvements to the extended warranty. In addition, the new marketing strategy was explained. "It was very important for us that the message from this dealer meeting was that we are creating the start of a new partnership with dealers in the trade. And also that this event represents a starting point for our product offensive in the next few years", explained Dr. Michael Simon, member of the board of management of MTD Products AG.

Trust is all well and good, but checks are better

The second day in the Sauerland was given over completely to testing. The new models were checked out thoroughly and tested in practice on the green lawn next to the seminar hotel. The lawn had numerous rounds it was mown, mulched and scarified. With cordless or petrol lawnmowers, hand-pushed ones or the ride-on version. The engine covers of the lawnmowers were also removed to allow an expert glance at the engine. "I was very interested in the XT Enduro and Zero series from Cub Cadet and test drove both of them. And I have to say that my expectations were well and truly met. They are extremely manoeuvrable and the robustness of the professional series is exceptionally good. In addition, in terms of appearance they are a success for the new year", praised T.K.F., a dealer from Wuppertal. Of course there were also a great many questions that the MTD staff answered with expert knowledge. For two days there was an opportunity to get a vivid impression of the new items from WOLF-Garten and Cub Cadet - and to see the competitive advantages of tomorrow - today. "I think that dealers have realised that we really mean it when we use the term partnership. And they will now go home with this positive impression. I really hope that we can maintain this good feeling. In any case we are looking forward to great cooperation and a successful coming year", the concluding remarks from Wolfgang Rill, the managing director for the German garden trade at MTD Products AG.