MTD merges with F. Robotics Acquisitions Ltd

Saarbrücken, Germany, 19 May 2017 – Family of brands expands at MTD Products AG. From July 2017, the Israeli company F. Robotics Acquisitions Ltd. will be operating from under the umbrella of the tradition-­‐rich US company MTD.[more]


MTD Products AG introduces its latest to the trade

Informing and testing: for two days the most recent developments were put through thorough testing[more]


The European Championship is coming

Buy a WOLF-Garten Expert lawn tractor or ride-on mower and secure your European Championship fan package.*[more]


Press release of 18th April 2016

Four in one stroke[more]


PRESS RELEASE of 11th April 2016

The future is light and agile.[more]


New for old!

Would you like a new lawnmower? Now is the best time![more]


More warranty without paying any more!

Take advantage of the WOLF-Garten "3+1 warranty promotion" now.[more]


Buy a petrol lawnmower - get free fuel for your lawn!

Take advantage of the special sales promotion from WOLF-Garten. If you buy a WOLF-Garten S 4600 A petrol lawnmower within the sales promotion period from March 1st to 31st May 2016 you will get a pack of "Premium" long-term lawn fertiliser for 100 m² lawn area, free of charge.[more]


All green. New items in seeds and fertilisers

Experts and professionals know: Creating a good-looking, dense, deep green lawn is a science in itself. And that is why this topic is also treated as such at WOLF-Garten - with a department of its own just for lawn research.[more]


The WOLF shows its teeth. WOLF-Garten presents four new handsaws

If you want to help the trees in your garden, then you need a good saw. Chain saws are especially convenient, but not everybody really needs to buy one. Handsaws are a cost-effective alternative. When it comes to tree maintenance they are the right tool for the rough work. [more]


Top class mowing. Segment expanded: three new EXPERT lawn tractors

WOLF-Garten moves into the Champions League for motorised garden tools with EXPERT lawn tractors. All the technical know-how is reflected in the bundled power of these all-rounders - they can meet any requirement and handle areas of any size. [more]


Don't wait, but just start at the press of a button. Two new EXPERT petrol lawnmowers with InStart-TECHNOLOGY

The new WOLF-Garten EXPERT petrol lawnmowers are real powerhouses. Here the range has been extended by two new models using the InStart system from BRIGGS & STRATTON. This is to help all those who get into a sweat even before starting to mow. [more]


The A team - the quiet lightweights Newly developed series of electric lawnmowers

Distinctly lighter and quieter than comparable petrol lawnmowers, electric lawnmowers are the darlings of many keen gardeners and are valued above all by women and older people. They are environmentally-friendly and ready for use at any time - they do not require time-consuming maintenance work. [more]


Small, but good! Two new ride-on mowers with Hydrostatic transmission

Small and handy, but nevertheless solid and powerful. The ride-on mowers from WOLF-Garten are in fact extremely powerful garden helpers despite their compact dimensions as they have powerful engines under their seats.[more]


These lightweights can handle heavy-duty work. Three new cordless lawnmowers in the 72 V range.

Cordless lawnmower are right in fashion at the moment. No wonder: the advantages are obvious. You can work without a power cord and with light electric motors.[more]


This handle has style. Light and flexible: The new Vario telescopic version

All multi-star® components from WOLF-Garten such as tree maintenance, pond maintenance and cleaning tools and roof snow clearers make an unbeatable team together with the Vario handles. A new arrival in the product line is a telescopic handle that can easily be extended to the desired length.[more]


WOLF-Garten shrub and tree maintenance from the ground – the ladder stays in the garden shed

Professionals know: Tree maintenance from the ground is the safest. Working from ladders has risks, falls from greater heights lead to severe injuries. Hobby gardeners should think about that as well.[more]


WOLF-Garten Power Dual Cut tree cutters – from branch to branch with no effort

The keen hobby gardener can be happy. The two new double-cut Power Duel Cut tree cutters from WOLF-Garten make the pruning of trees easier. The hobby gardener can safely cut branches with a diameter of up to 32 mm at a height of up to 5.5 metres while standing firmly on the ground and without needing to climb a ladder. The two adjustable cutting mechanisms are unique: quick cutting for thinner branches and twigs, power cutting for thicker branches of up to 32 mm.[more]


WOLF-Garten electric lawnmowers - the newly developed series of electric lawnmowers

Let it grow. WOLF-Garten is bringing out a whole new series of electric lawnmowers onto the market for the coming mowing season. The keen hobby gardener can choose between various cutting widths and search out the optimal solution for the regular care of his lawn.[more]


WOLF-Garten petrol lawnmower series – powerhouses for big lawns

If your lawn is just that little bit bigger, then you will need a petrol lawnmower. WOLF-Garten has designed a new series for the coming season that offers plenty of power with top equipment features.[more]